The Animated Allegations

>> Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Before I left for US some ten years ago, we had a new Newspaper in Hong Kong called Apple Daily. Since all the other newspapers have been publishing for eons, Apple Daily had garnered a lot of young readers and have been regarded as more progressive on the news reporting end. It got so successful that they started publishing in Taiwan as well. When I first come to the states, I still read about news in Hong Kong through their online newspaper. Until they wanted me to pay, that is.

I actually haven't revisited their site until recently when their reenactment animation of the Tiger Woods incident got world famous. It's not like everyone understand Chinese but the animation is fun to watch just as well.

This little clip got 2.5 million views and probably encouraged the company to produce a lot more animations. In fact when I check their site right now they seemed to have animation for every news item. The following one is the animation on the incident between Team Coco and Team Leno.

And then the below one is the latest one on Al Gore and the masseuse. The problem with these clips is that they are all allegations and not proven facts and somehow seeing it on "tape" make it look very much more believable. There's a clip on the site about a coach molesting a 12 year old student, without knowing if it actually happened, it looks like it did after viewing the video. Of course, it is all sensational news and the paper is just trying to make a name for itself and expand its audience base but morally, I'm very sure it's wrong.

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