When Integrity Comes To Call

>> Friday, June 25, 2010

General Stanley McChrystal openly criticized the President and the Vice President on Rolling Stone; calling them "wimps" and showing full subordinate attitude. It's a good thing that Obama had the guts to let him go. During wartime, and it IS still war time, it's unfathomable for a general to come out openly making derogation comments about the commander-in-chief. That's worse than violating "don't ask, don't tell", that's treasonous territories. I'm not too worried about the former General and his career. He would be hot commodity at Fox News when they're always looking for someone with credentials criticizing the current administration with a microphone. I'm sure he'll fit right in.

Continue the them of my last post, here's another female GOP senate nominee Sharron Angle who's running away from a local news reporter because he has done his homework.

On Sharron Angle's website claimed that her platform is to eliminate social security, medicare and EPA, she aimed to withdraw United States from UN and she stated that if the congress keeps on going the way it is, people should look into "second amendment remedies". But when she was asked questions about these, she held her opponent Harry Reid responsible for launching these issues like a negative campaign and ran away from the reporter. So a person can run on an outrageous platform, but when questioned they can pretend it was untrue? You can make threats but when comes to call you can fake innocent?

Here's another jackass:

Arizona Senator got interviewed by a high school reporter about his vote on eliminating 90% of funding for Career and Technical Education which he claimed to be important during the interview. When asked about the discrepancy, he ran. It's hilarious if it wasn't so sad.

When people in power don't think that anyone would call on their bullshit, they could pretend that they are indeed working for the people. Journalists are suppose to be the watchdogs, I'm afraid the news are focused more on sensationlism than making sure the system is working as it should. They should all be calling scum politicians on their bullshit.

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