The Danger of Female Republicans

>> Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Last night Stephen Colbert and Gloria Steinem were discussing how even though there are less female Republicans than there are female democrats but somehow the female Republicans do tend to do things to make themselves known. From the highly homophobic Sally Kern, to Virginia Foxx who denied Matthew Sheppard was killed because he's gay, and crazy media whore Ann Coulter who'd say anything for a minute in the spotlight, the Republican Party is full of crazy chicks and of course there are these:

When it comes to lunacy, none comes as close as the craziness of Michelle Bachmann (even though birther queen Orly Taitz comes in a very close second.) She's one of the people who comes out criticizing Obama no matter what he does, but just that wouldn't necessarily make her insane. I understand that she's just trying to cater to her base, but like Joe Barton, they don't understand that at some point they'd cross a line that even their base won't follow them on it.

In multiple occasions, she has accused Obama setting a $20 billion compensation fund with BP as extortion and crossed the line:

And after the Joe "The Apologizer" Barton incident, she retracted her statement:

When your focus is to be extreme and polarizing to the point of reality and values are all secondary, you have gone insane. After a while, people will figure out that she's a crazy spineless voicebox that cries wolf over nothing.

Another loony on the Republican side obviously is this chick:

What the hell is wrong with her? So are people just supposed to do nothing from now on but pray for a miracle? Is her son the retarded one or is it just an inherited family trait? Remember there was a time that we thought she'd just return into anonymity in Alaska after the election, why won't she just shut the hell up?

Of course, we can't forget Arizona governor Jan Brewer who tries so hard to control her border and traded racial equality for racial integrity. The one who made sure nobody with an accent would be able to teach and made sure that no one in Arizona gets to learn other cultures and scheme against the white race. I can't tell you how horrifying it is to think of a person like that can be put in charge of an entire state. I hope some of the religious folks can see the recent wildfires around Flagstaff to be a result of the discrimination, that or maybe they'll blame the fire on the illegal immigrants.

I realize this post is somewhat sexist, I mean there are probably as much male Republicans doing crazy stuff as females but somehow I think female Republicans have to be more extreme in order to stand out and establish credits in their party. Whereas their male and Democrat counterparts rarely act out, the worst that Hillary Clinton has done so far was to send a gift to the Russian with a misspelled Russian word. I guess I wouldn't beat myself up so much, it's only when I hear from people like these that I think women shouldn't be in politics. (Nope, in general I just think Republicans shouldn't be in politics period.)

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