Movie Review: Toy Story 3

>> Sunday, June 20, 2010

From the first installment of Toy Story back in 1995, Andy, the kid who played with Woody and Buzz had grown up to be a young man of 17 and ready to leave for college. He must decide the fate of his long neglected toys.

*** Spoiler Alert ***

Through a snafu, the bag of toys that was meant to end up in the attic got accidentally put in the trash and after feeling abandoned, the toys sneaked into a donation box meant for a nearby childcare center. At first, the daycare center seemed welcoming. Mr. Lotso in the form of a tattered strawberry-scented fluffy bear had the daycare center governed into tip-top shape. Slowly, the gang discovered that there are dues to be paid in a place like this. From traveling between afew houses and another place across town, the toys are all over town in this installment and it all just sound a little bit more far-fetched then usual. But the heart warming theme throughout the movie held it together.

Woody longer to be by Andy's side, while the rest of the gang understand that a separation is inevitable. For a 17 year-old boy to feel the need to bring a toy to college seems a bit strange. In reality, most boys would have moved on to more afe appropriate things like video games. Most toys don't last that long, most toys get forgotten and trashed. If these toys do have feelings, I can't imagine how traumatizing it would be for the toy to see his owner getting drunk and having sex and how traumatizing it would be for the college kid to be lectured by these seemingly dead objects. So I guess it's natural for the producers to create an endpoint for these characters.

It's generally a feel good movie with lots of laughs and actions. It's especially fun to see Ken being teased throughout the movie for being a girl's toy. He's acting very flamboyant but yet not gay because he's in love with Barbie, so I guess it's a play on metrosexuals. I find Joan Cusack's voice to be a little sharp and awkward for voice acting, but everybody else did a pretty nice job. It's worth a watch. B

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