Spilling Hate

>> Friday, June 04, 2010

From seeing it as an unfortunate problematic accident with no easy solutions, the bad feelings surrounding the oil spill is expanding faster than the actual oil itself. The massive environmental impact will be devastating for decades to come, and yet last week, the CEO of BP said on camera that he wants the spill to end because he wants his life back, excuse me while I play the world's smallest violin.

All the while, BP has been understating the amount of oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico. Instead of the former 5,000 Gallons per day stated by BP, the U.S. Government estimates that the daily spill is in the amount between 12,000 ~ 25,000 gallons. And remember how earlier under BP order, the coast guards threatened reporters with arrest because they approach the Louisiana coast in hopes to film the spill? Turns out it was because BP don't want pictures of dead sea life leaking out for the general public to see.

In a catastrophic disaster like this, people tend to admire a sincere confession to a serious fuck up, doing damage control by lying or hiding things make it seem so much more deceitful and evil. Dead sea life are bound to wash ashore. The BP name is as good as gone. People are talking about boycotting BP but we all know that's not the solution of the problem. BP is one of the many oil companies, if it wasn't a BP oil rig, it could have been any of the others.Instead of not pumping gas at a BP or any of their subsidiary stations, maybe we could all take up the responsibility make our next car a hybrid or with a higher MPG.

There are news of members of the clean up crew getting sick from work. People are also accusing BP for utilizing low-impact solutions because they don't want to destroy a still perfectly profitable oil reservoir. Thirty years ago, another oil spill happened in the Gulf of Mexico and all the same company tried the same kind of containment methods and they didn't work back then. If not for nothing, they sure haven't learned anything from history.

The spill is still going on and they will try methods that proven not to work 30 years ago. Meanwhile, more and more wildlife are destroyed.

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