Travelogue: Folsom East 2010

>> Monday, June 21, 2010

With all the gay events around I had the most fun at Folsom Street Fair and Folsom Street East when I get to meet Sue two years ago and from then, I've been looking forward to go again. I planned to go with the boyfriend but at the last minute, he was pulled away to celebrate Father's Day for his grandfather, since Folsom East seems to be coincide with Father's Day every year, I guess it's not meant to be. The night before, I was pulled away for a mahjong all-nighter and I wasn't sure I would have the will to wake up in time, turned out I did.

This year, I decided to fit in better so I wore my pair of black boots, jeans and a starch white t-shirt, armed with my cell phone camera, I headed into the wall of men known as Folsom East.

This year's Folsom East is hosted by Mike Dreyden and Peppermint. I still miss her last name even though she chose to do without and can I just say how short Mike Dreyden looks next to a tall drag queen on high heels?

The whole block was full of people. I would have enjoyed rubbing chests with these folks a lot more if it wasn't so hot and everyone isn't so sweaty. Now let's go to the posers and performers...

Here's a master and his bootlicker.

Oops, the licker is getting double flogged. He must've missed a few spot.

Here's a boy getting himself tickled and his nipples clamped.

A doggy who barks and likes to be petted.

Hunky Go-Go boy here has some moves, but I'm more interested in the Go-Go bear behind him.

Give this guy a minute and he'll be singing and dancing to Rhythm Nation.

Throughout the day there are hunky guys who were handing out promotional postcards. This one is a porn star who works Lucas Entertainment.

Five bare-chested guys standing around in a pentagon, I'm liking this version of Power Rangers.

Some nice hairy chests here, but can someone explain to me about the Black guy on the left? How does a military beret and the Chinese garb go together?

Throughout the day I tried to capture as many bare-chested hot guys as possible and I'm finding the hottest ones don't stay in one place. By the time I fumbled with my camera, they are already gone. It's failure in my part. Well, there are a few more pictures in my album, also a lot of other folks have already posted their pictures on Flickr.

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