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>> Friday, June 18, 2010

President Obama has been criticized for not taking the leader role and having concrete solutions during his presidential address on the BP oil spill this past Tuesday. I haven't seen it, so I guess I can't give an opinion. We are all quite frustrated in the helplessness of the situation. It seems like nobody has a solution for the oil spill, which is now on day 60. Adding to it, journalists are still getting harassed for getting close to the shoreline by BP employees and it just generate that much more bad feeling.

A deal has been negotiated between the White House and BP CEO Tony Hayward to establish a $20 billion compensation fund for the victims of the oil spill, which does not include the cost for cleaning up the spill. To show how extreme Republicans are, here's Shameless Stupid Asshole Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) apologizing to the CEO of BP for "shaking them down". Even though it's unbearable to watch, I hope the people of Texas who's affected by the oil spill can see who is representing them in Congress. Let's find out aside from his hate for a black guy to be president, how much contribution he's getting from the oil industry.

On the subject of politics, there are people who sides with Republicans, there are people who sides with the teabagger/Fox News movement, there are people who sides with Obama/Democrats, and there are the ones who sides with the "liberal media". I guess I'm in the last group. When my two major source outlet is saying the same thing, I'd take it to be true.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me eight times, am I a fucking idiot? I guess speeches are nice and it'll make people feel good for a while but despite the talk, nothing ever gets accomplished since the first speech done by Nixon in 1974, that's before I was born. United States had refused to tax oil and has the lowest cost per gallon despite the previous price hike. It creates a highly oil dependent culture where alternative energy source cannot compete. If the oil spill inspire and result in less dependent in oil, maybe not all is lost.

Obama has been caught pussyfooting on issues too many times. While I don't necessarily care about gays donating blood, I do agree with this guy in saying "President Obama, if I may — what do you possibly gain by trampling the civil rights of gay and lesbian Americans?...I'm sorry, but pandering to people who think you were born in Kenya by crapping all over a community of people who campaigned for you, knocked on doors, raised money for you, and you won't even allow them the dignity of donating blood? That's bullshit."

Don't get me wrong, I had drink enough Tang and chewed on enough saltines before and I have even donated enough blood to get little metal blood droplets to prove it. But if you do want to donate blood, you don't necessarily have to disclose your sexual orientation. If the blood bank is so full that they can afford to discriminate, then fuck them. If the patients who need blood are homophobic, I'd like to see them slash their own wrists and bleed the blood back out like Aryan James cutting off his gum implants in Oz.

This is how Rachel Maddow thinks Obama should have delivered his speech:

Honestly if Rachel Maddow runs in 2016, I will vote for her. She could be the first US female/lesbian president ever. Any Stewart/Maddow/Franklin combination would be swell even on an independent ticket, it's just a shame that we have to rely on comedians/newcasters to do something for the nation.

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