Halloween 2009

>> Monday, November 02, 2009

Halloween has become, without questions, one of the most exciting holidays for me. I just officially start celebrating Halloween last year for my very first Halloween party wearing my very first Halloween costume. Since the boyfriend also likes the festivities a lot, I have an excuse to dress up yet again and venture out and celebrate.

The evening started quite stressfully with unexpected shortcomings during the production of my duct-tape costume. I had this crazy idea of making Colossus out of duct tape but then I didn't count on it being cast-like and it would be so hard for me to move once I was in it. So a lot of work depended on the boyfriend and we spent around 4 hours taping and taping. It's a bit extraneous and it's probably something we'll never attempt again. But when it was done, we went out to the streets merrily.

During the earlier evening, I also attempted making some Jack O'Lanterns pumpkin pies with puff pastries. We thought there will be extras to give out, but it was pretty good and it didn't turn out to be a lot, so we finished them ourselves.

There is a big Halloween parade in New York but in Philly, we have an annual Halloween Ball at Sheraton hosted by the gay uncle of Philadelphia Mr. Henri David. I was sure that we'd find the most outrageous costumes over at this Henri David Ball and we weren't disappointed.

Yours truly and The Boyfriend.

Betty Boop and her zombie prom boys. I was quite impressed how she turned a cartoon into a real life person.

The belles of the ball. The white gown is really full on the back, it was like a giant cloud the size of an entire elevator.

Couples: Lego complete with Lego flowers purse and backpack, Popeye and Olive Oyl.

Most Common: Six sets of people that we knew of were Mario Brothers (including my good gaysian friends and the boyfriend's buds who headed to Vegas), we also seen 4 Dorothys and 2 wicked witches but this black and white Dorothy with her own tornado and flying house was by far the best. (I kinda hope for a flying cow though. lol)

The Bizarre: Urinal stall guy with attached walls (Tons of people stand by him for a picture but hopefully no one actually peed.), Guy with a hundred eyes (The eyes looked like modified fleshlights.)

Most Horrifying: Zombie diner quartet with fried finger baskets.

Most Amazing: Kali - Goddess of destruction. Can you not love? I jumped up and down when I saw her.

I quite thoroughly enjoyed my night out, the extra hour after 2am just added to the fun. After the ball, we went out to meet some more friends to show off our costume and see who they turned out to be. It was great fun. Surprisingly with our sorta obvious looks, some people still thought I was either Ironman or Cyclops while the Boyfriend got mistaken for Edward Scissorhands. Still, it was nice to be asked more than a dozen times to be in pictures. We did appreciate the attention. Hopefully next year we'll get to do it all over again.

Hope you had a great time too.

I hope you had a fun Halloween!

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