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>> Thursday, November 19, 2009

Of the new TV shows started this season, Glee was a clear runaway. Given it is a weird format where people communicate through songs and it's very soap opera-y, but it's funny and the kids have talents. If High School Musical is anything like Glee, I can see why it was so popular.

Since the success of the gays lip-synching to Miley Cyrus' Party in the USA in Fire Island, *Maybe the credit should go to that guy who danced to Beyonce's Single Ladies?) tons of other parodies and other choreographed music routine pops up very regularly.

The first time I've seen choreographed synchronized dancing was probably during Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation period. It reminds me what somebody said "It doesn't matter how stupid the dance look, as long as everyone else is doing it with you then it'll be great."

What do people use to produce and edit videos? I understand it's much easier using a Mac but I rather like to try my hands on it if I know how.

It's funny to me that Microsoft opened up a store just to sell Microsoft products, regular electronic stores already carries their products, what's the point on copying Mac? And making the employee dance? It's highly unnecessary. I guess they are changing their image into something fun and carefree, which being a PC user, I'm so not used to it. PC is usually full of problems and you're pretty much crying for help most of the time. Though it's still a nice thing for them to be creating jobs in this kind of economy, even though the job involves some dancing.

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