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>> Wednesday, November 04, 2009

I think it's rather unfathomable that in this bad economic times, the Philadelphia mass transportation system, SEPTA, is still having a strike. When the average salary of their employees is $50K+ and a regular regional rail conductor that collect tickets makes 6 figures. The union tried to blackmail the company by threatening to strike on the days that people from around the country came for the World Series. If the company can't afford it and go bankrupt, would that make them happier? Or maybe it is a good rouse for SEPTA to get help from the government.

On the topic, there are a lot of ways to cut your expenses down. I've already eliminated my land phone line. In this modern day and age, everyone already have a cell phone and the land lines seems to be reserved for telemarketers or politicians telling you to vote for them. I use a pay as you go cell phone plan that reduces my limited cell phone use to about $20 a month. Instead of getting premium cable channels, your favorite TV series can be obtained in other means, so are many movies or music. I cook my own food, which potentially saves me more money than eating out, though it does depends on what I cook. I don't smoke, or have many money spending habits. (e.g. coffee, lottery or gym) Ever since I met the Boyfriend, we have even started going to thrift stores for reading materials and toys.

Watching the Today Show yesterday I found these little tidbits about saving on travels.

It never occur to me that companies would use cookies to record the trips you're looking for an hike the price on the trips that you searched a couple times. Make sense, I just never thought about it.

For more money saving tips, check here. Every little bit helps.

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