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>> Friday, November 06, 2009

Christopher Walken doing Lady Gaga's Poker Face on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross.

William Shatner doing Levi Johnston's Tweets on Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien.

Happy Hat - A hat that conditions you to smile. Crazy if I've ever seen crazy, hopefully it's a joke or as the above videos, an art piece.

Via Advertising Is Good For You and comes the Home Duvet cover set. This set of 144 thread count features a print of a cardboard box directly printed on cotton. There's also a fitted sheet that imitates brick on the street to complete the surreal experience. Thirty percent of the profit will go to a charity that helps out homeless people in the UK while the costumer can experience hobo life right in the comfort of their own home, um, funny but 144 count is a little low don't you think? Maybe couples can put on torn dirty clothes and smear dirt on each other to pretend having outdoor hobo sex.

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