Ron Mueck

>> Friday, November 20, 2009

A few years ago, I went to see the Bodies exhibition when they came to Philadelphia at the Franklin Institute. I found using of actual dead bodies to demonstrate the different side of the human body highly creepy. I was distracted by that bit of information while I was going through the show. That's what I was reminded of, when a friend of mine sent me the following video in Powerpoint form.

Ron Mueck is an Australian sculptor who excels in hyperrealist sculpting. Earlier in his career, he has worked as a puppeteer and model maker for children's television show side by side the likes of Jim Henson. What you saw in the video are sculptures created by with the utilization of silicone, fiberglass, resin, paint and at times actual human hair.

I could have swore that some of his pieces were real people if it wasn't for the scale discrepancy. The nudity are shocking and the emotions expressed haunt. Wish I can go to his exhibit to see the details.

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