Music Alert: Lady Gaga's "Fame Monster" and Addams Family The Musical

>> Thursday, November 12, 2009

Time flies, Lady Gaga's debut album was released more than 18 months ago and chasing The Fame at the end of this month is an 8-track sophomore called The Fame Monster. Her first video from that album was released two days ago and the song is called Bad Romance.

It is bad enough to deserve a music slap. I'm not talking about the video itself. Everybody would agree that she had maintained quite the impeccable attention-grabbing image with all her fabulous costumes, make-up and postures. One can't surround themselves with enough capable gay fairies. She IS fierce and not afraid to shock. She's no looker but she keeps it interesting and I have yet to see her wear something twice. She reminds me of the short-lived music career of Vampire Lestat.

But Bad Romance is so bad. There's no substance to it whatsoever. Echoing Kyle's sentiments, what the fuck is she singing about? What the hell is the song about? She used a runway segment as the bridge of the song that does not has anything to do with the rest of the song and "Ra-ra-ah-ah-ah, Roma-ro-ma-ma, Gaga-ooh-la-la..." is just plain lazy, made up, baby talk, nonsense. Worst of all, the song is not even catchy. Though if you hammer it in my head by playing it 50 times real loud in a club (hopefully mixed by some skillful DJ), I'm sure I'll be humming and even convert to liking it, but right now it's really doubtful. The other leaked song Dance in The Dark sounds a lot better:

Who would release an 8-song album anyway? Wait for 2~4 more. I'm sure the record company will pull a stunt 2 months after the release and rerelease another version of the same album with a few extra songs anyway. I hope getting famous doesn't make her think that it gives her the right to go back to her sing-a-song Lilith Fair past. That kinda don't work for me.


Here's something to be excited about:

Via Vanity Fair

Addams Family - The Musical!

I love the Addams Family sooo much, I'm really hoping that the music written for it is good. It'd be very disappointing if it's not. Nathan Lane is playing Gomez while Morticia is played by the amazing Bebe Neuwirth. I wonder if and how Lurch sings. The show will start in Chicago and arrive in Broadway later in the season. I'd love to see it.

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