How Do You Fix a Problem like Sarah Palin?

>> Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It's baffling to me how some people can support Sarah Palin, the woman that can't cite a single news source, the woman who can hit a bunch of talking point and buzzwords but don't have a concrete plan on anything. Scary, really. Apparently, she's selling a good image. Her book is the No. 1 bestseller, even though her book tour avoided all the big liberal cities and just concentrates within the heartland.

According to this f**cked up chart by none other than Fox News:

Sarah Palin is the front runner as the GOP presidential candidate come 2012. (Seriously, what's up with pie charts that doesn't add up to 100%?) Albeit, I doubt that she would win, I also didn't think George W. would win his first or second term of presidency. When you see her supporters, you'd know that they are pretty much brainwashed and they don't have to know her political views to support her. I'm sure Fox News can make her look like the American Mother Theresa.

Considering Carrie Prejean who diddled herself and sent the tape and pictures to her boyfriend and then wrote a book where she condemned pornography and encourage young girls to cherish their bodies because their bodies are for worshiping the lord and not to look sexy. All this while she is a beauty contestant wearing bikinis for the world to see. Various congressmen and senators, who condemns homosexuality voting against gay rights and HIV fundings but suck dicks and molest pages on the side. (Does "bachelor" Republican senator Lindsey Graham looks like the next scandal waiting to happen or is it just me?) Sarah Palin who's traditional values are hanging from her mouth but has a teenage daughter who gave birth to a bastard child. How can people still eat this up and not see the hypocrisy in it? Are you telling me that having a half-black president is really that scary?

Regrettably that's also my reading habit.


Oh! My friends who had decided to BBQ had changed their mind and now I'm in charge of cooking a Thanksgiving meal for 12. Add to the cakes I'm making, I think it's a bit more than I can chew, so the next few days posting might be sparse.

Have a great Thanksgiving, y'all!

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