Congressional Recess Blues

>> Monday, November 23, 2009

A wannabe politician had told me that politics is the art form of communication for achieving goals. I'm here to call it bullshit. The minimum wage raised a quarter after 10 years of not increasing, while companies used their bailout money to give their top executive millions in bonuses. I don't remember the senate or the congress has done anything to improve my quality of life.

I was following her train on logic saying that so far the democrats had done very little to improve the disaster that was George W. Bush until she went bat shit crazy. Apparently the Foxx is way scarier than the Woolf. The NY Senate had postponed their vote on their marriage equality bill indefinitely, the senate hearing on Don't Ask, Don't Tell has been postponed indefinitely. There seems to be no account on how a congresswomen can say to alter reality or how much work they have to get done. There's no deadline to meet or IQ/history test to pass. At least to be a lawyer you have to pass a bar exam, there's no such thing in the way of being a politician or even the president of the U.S. I find that extremely curious.

Now in recess, our fear-mongering congressmen preach their own doomsday theory to the people of NYC in an empty room over Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.(starts at 3:30 mark)

Regrettably, I don't believe that our political system works. Even though the above examples seem to be a bit extreme, they are actual members of congress and by and large it is made up with people who don't have bright ideas and don't have courage to follow through when they have one. While on the way they have smear campaign against one another that doesn't impire confident on themselves, the truth is you will never get 435 people to agree on any single item. Even if the item is as plain as the sky is blue. They will not be having constructive meaningful conversations but they will argue based on their own or sponsored biases. Important issues are postponed indefinitely and then argued until the end of days. Votes are cast to make things into law and then voted again to have the whole thing reversed. What is the point?

Back in the days when people are still decent, the system might have made a difference. The motive of being a politician these days are mucked, more so than it ever was, excuse me if I don't have faith.

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