The Axe Effect Hoax

>> Sunday, November 08, 2009

I was watching a rerun of Chelsea Lately last night and she was telling us about how there is a lawsuit in India in which a guy was suing the company who produces the Axe bodyspray for false advertising because after 7 years of using their products. No girl was flocking onto him. The so-called Axe effect was non-existence. Um, duh.

It is quite the trivial lawsuit and even a person really believed in such a thing, he would have stopped after finishing the first can of spray instead of keep on using the product for 7 years. But of course, it was a hoax.

It originated from an Indian website similar to The Onion called Faking News. The story goes where 26 years old Vaibhav Bedi couldn't achieve the Axe effect and attract a single girl after 7 years of applying the product. He tried to impress his maid by applying the product naked in an effort to seduce her but was beaten by a broomstick instead, so now he's suing the Axe company for causing him mental suffering.

Haha, it was a good one.

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