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>> Sunday, November 15, 2009

1. Fox News

There's no secret that Fox News is a joke and everyone watching that network is dumb as a post. Yes, I'm going to social boycott all their viewers. If you watch that network, we can't be friends and I don't want to talk to you. It is beyond being a Democrat, a Republican or an elitist, it is the difference between being able to think logically and being a plain racist dumbfuck. Sorry.

It is always nice to see them get caught with facts fabrication.

When a supposed news channel starts organizing political campaign, it has gone too far. And to swap footage to make it look like there's a whole lot more supporter than it does, well, there's nothing more to say about it. Of course, the butt of the network has gone from Bill O'Reilly to the root of dumbfuck Glenn Beck himself. Interesting to see how John Stewart and South Park had decided to mock him on the very same week. Even Sesame Street is making fun of Fox News.

2. Peter LaBarbera

It's baffling to me that someone would dedicate their life to go against homosexuality. Peter LaBarbera is such a person. He founded a group called Americans For Truth Against Homosexuality. Apparently that's his job, homosexuality bugs him so much that the primary meaning and value of his life is to go against it. It sounds like the same old story that had been told too often, doesn't it?

It's one thing to go to the length of exposing every gay and leather invent and call to boycott the hotels who host them. It's another thing to go to a leather street fair and taping the ongoings in order to condemn it later. But to go to the length of reading comments on gay blogs and then use it to call alarm is getting to be a Nazi petty level.

On Joe.My.God, a reader commented on the vote to reverse gay marriage in Maine. Stating that once the gays give up hope on non-violent means to achieve equal rights, some zealous might kill for the cause while another commenting said that maybe organized terrorism/civil disobedient might just be what the country needs. Ten days later, Peter LaBarbera or Porno Pete, claimed that he is calling the FBI for terrorism threats from Joe. I think someone have too much time and hate on their hands.

I have to say, I was never a big fan of non-violent means. Playing nice had never gotten us anywhere. We are still being stereotypes as weak or sissies. I'm always on the side of the Pink Panthers, I believe that they won't stop until we bash back. Send a few gay bashers in the hospital, then maybe it'll stop. Though, I didn't want to add troubles to Joe's website by adding my 2 cents.

3. Carrie Prejean

Rude girl who thinks that she's the Virgin Mary or something. Give me a break. She has convinced herself that she didn't get her crown because she her answer was homophobic. Um... if she has heard what she said, she'll know her answer was self-contradictory. She has the gall to write a book to teach young girls how to behave and then having a boob job, some example she is and that's before her 9 sex tapes and 30+ nudie shots. Please. It's always okay for someone to condemn others so they can feel superior themselves.

While on her book tour, she threatened to walk out Larry King's set because Larry was being "inappropriate".

She "threatened", all she did was detaching the mic and posed but never walked out. Obviously, she needed camera time and will do anything to create controversy to keep herself interesting. No one will buy her book otherwise, but no one will buy her book still. "Book me on, but I'm not gonna tell you anything about myself and you're an ass for asking." Get over yourself, you are famous because you answered a question like a stupid bigot and now you are famous because you are a homophobic, hypocritical slut. Your 3 minutes are more than over. Maybe you can take the deal of filming a porn and extend it, but I don't really want to see your cunt face again, much like that of Kate Gosselin.

Phew... feel much better now.

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