Welcome To The World, Bernelle.

>> Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A week ago, my cousin Venus had gave birth to the first member of the next generation of my family. She's not the first member to get married, two of the three older cousins had married for quite sometimes but had no plans of having children ever.

Bernelle Lai was born on June 23rd at the weight of 7 pounds 12 oz. Looks quite a bit like her dad, both her and her mom are safe and sound. I'm happy to officially become an uncle but still, where do these people find these names? I have another friend naming her daughter Ophelia which is quite puzzling. And yet another guy named his son Anson. What happened to Jonathan or Jennifer? Anyway, it seems that Bernelle has a neck for photography, 8 of her 10 pics she looked right into the camera, hope she grew up to be as pretty as her mom.

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