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>> Friday, June 19, 2009

A few days ago I've received a settlement check in the mail about a credit card fraud incident happened like 8 years ago. Honestly, I don't quite remember if anything like that had happened, I have my suspicion if that is a way of obtaining my signature or account info, but it has an 1-800-number and a website printed on it and it seems legit enough. Besides, the check is only for 20-some odd dollars, I could have taken it or leave it. I wonder what they would have done if I have had moved.

What is more pleasant is that Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City sent me a coupon for a complimentary room and $20 gambling money that I can redeem. It's great timing, especially when it's summer and everyone likes to go down to the shore. So me and the boyfriend will go there for a night and walk around the boardwalk. Could be fun and perhaps even romantic.

I guess there must be a bit of luck on my side for me to have gotten all these little things. There are uplifting to say the least. We've also done some other fun things during the week, but I'll wait for the products to write another post. I'm starting to thing that my boyfriend could be a lucky charm, since we've won quite a bit of things going into different contests. Hope I don't ruin it by posting out loud.

Phileo Yogurt (416 South Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147 Tel:(215) 873-8361

Speaking about happiness, this is another thing that makes me happy; Frozen Yogurt. During last fall, I've noticed a lot of Pinkberry type yogurt store popping up in New York City and now Philadelphia is getting one of our own called Phileo Yogurt. Unlike Pinkberry, Phileo Yogurt lets you fill your cup from a wall of yogurt machine, each with different tastes. There are tart yogurts and more rounded flavors. For the two times we've went in, we tried lychee, pineapple, snickerdoodle, peanut butter, chocolate, taro and green tea. There's also a bar of fruits, nuts, candies and syrups for you to sprinkle them on your own creations.

The place is rather clean and the design modern, the staff is not particularly friendly or unfriendly. They mostly just stand there and stare. It would probably do well for the South Street tourist crowd. The yogurts are sold by weight at 49 cents per ounce, a little on the expensive side ($6~11 for a large cup). Of course they have nothing but large and giant cups in there so you'd feel obligated to put as much yogurt in there as possible and the sign that says 49 cents an ounce is not easily seen. But frozen yogurt is a crowd favorite and it's really a fun place for adults and kids.

The snickerdoodle is surprisingly good.

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