Weekend Meme: The Hate Meme

>> Saturday, June 06, 2009

This week's meme is quite a hateful meme and I found it at Sunday Stealing yet again. Hate is a strong word, so let's all rant a bit...

1. Most hated food.
You have to experience it to know, but for the nth time, the most disgusting thing I've ever put in my mouth is dried oyster. Even counting all the sexual encounters in my years, I submit that there aren't worse thing. Speaking of which, sea urchin is pretty bad too.

2. Most hated person.
I strongly dislike selfish liars, and my exboss are such people. Taking money that are supposedly used for HIV/AIDS patients for their own trips and salary, but I guess everyone hates their bosses. There are a lot of politicians that I hate and of course stupid bigots like that Maggie Gallagher.

3. Most hated job.
I've actually been a security guard for 3 days and it bored me out of my mind. Really, almost made me crazy to stand around with nothing to do. I thought I sung every song I knew. I don't think it's something I can do.

4. Most hated city.
Of all the places I've been, I can't really say I hate any of them or else I wouldn't have lived or go there. But the boring ones include Providence, RI where I've lived for a bit more than 2 years, Equally boring is Harrisburg, PA, where everything closes at 6pm.

5. Most hated band.
Hated band huh? I don't really hate any band but usually I won't listen to the ruckus that is heavy metal.

6. Most hated website.
I wouldn't be reading it if I hate it but I would think WorldNetDaily that Joe mentioned a lot of time would be my most hated one. My boyfriend says he hates I Can Has Cheezburger. lol

7. Most hated TV program.
Anything that Bobby Flay is on. The 700 Club. The View just because of the Hasselback character.

8. Most hated politician.
Bush and Cheney, they just made themselves into such villains, it's like they didn't care.

9. Most hated artist.
I don't think I have any artists that I strongly dislike, the boyfriend says George O'Keefe.

10. Most hated book.
Any religious book that religious nuts would hold it up and use it to condemn people.

11. Most hated shop or store.
Wal-Mart. It's destructive to local and international economy.

12. Most hated organization.
Hateful organizations like NOM and the other "Family" orgs. Enough already.

13. Most hated historical event.
The Chinese cultural revolution. What a crock of shit!

14. Most hated sport.
Almost all sports. Can anyone tell me the purpose of American football? Like 40 people chasing a ball, why don't they each get their own? The players are paid enough to afford their own ball, then that way they won't have to fight over one ball.

15. Most hated technology.
It's a new thing, but who the hell wants to buy a Kindle? First, it's expensive and then people still have to buy electronic versions of books. They can't resell the books afterwards and the storage is really not that much. Is a book really that much heavier than Kindle? It's just a gadget meant for the showoffs. Vain.

16. Most hated annual event.
Not exactly hate but I find Valentine's day too, too commercial. And what if you don't have someone to celebrate it with? People jacks up the price of flowers, dining and chocolate while others eat their instant noodle cups and cry. Not pleasing all around.

17. Most hated daily task.
Dusting for me, I guess bill paying the second.

18. Most hated comedian.
Dennis Miller, Obnoxious and unfunny.

19. Most hated blog.
Well, if I hate it I wouldn't be reading it. So I don't know.

20. Most hated song.
Some mind numbing stuff. Madonna's "Spanish Lessons" was really bad. Also some rap or hip-hop stuff that keeps mentioning to people how great or rich the singer is is pretty bad too.

Have a great weekend folks!

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