Case Studies 06/20/2009

>> Saturday, June 20, 2009

Let's say you have had few drinks and you're on the dance floor.

Let's say it was packed and a gentleman behind you were dancing in big motion and elbowed you hard twice on your back and even the person in front of you felt it.

Let's say the gentleman behind you continues his dance and the person in front of you had to push him away so he won't elbow you again.

Let's say the gentleman behind you felt the push and deliberately splash his beer on you as revenge.

Let's say from then on you're staring him down and he felt you staring at him.

Let's say you try to level with him by telling what he did.

Let's say he pretend not to understand a word you said until you said "Well, you're old anyway..." and then he called you a retard.

Let's say you try to explain to him once again on what happened and he kept on saying "I don't understand a fucking word you said." and being quite the asshole about it.


Are you justified by pouring your drink on that person?


Of course the person who poured the drink didn't feel good about doing it but then what else was there to do, really?

I walked aside afterwards as to not create a bigger scene, he tried to chase after me but didn't see me. I could have done much worse if he did, but I guess it's luck that it didn't get any larger.

Now Hulk wants to punch something.

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