Hoping For Audacity

>> Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We know how politicians would say anything to be elected. I think that's a pretty well known facts but we did have our hopes up for Obama. It is incredibly unfair for us to not have demanded anything from the previous administrations, being fully aware that the Bush administration will not get anything accomplished and secretly hoped that Bush will not put his fingers on anything more just to screw the country up further, but to demand Obama to come in and fix everything all at once. Lately though, I'm afraid that despite his fair and just appearance, Obama could be just a tiny bit homophobic. After all there weren't any signs to prove that he wasn't, he hasn't sung a duet with Elton John.

Understand that this post is not meant to be offensive, but with the long silence that the administration is taking on the boiling up gay issues, I'm beginning to have my doubts. When Obama was campaigning, he didn't exactly support the more progressive gay marriage but went for the public appealing civil unions. Given how the general Black Christian community do not support marriage equality in the example of prop 8 and Obama being the member of that community, I would say the chance of him being in opposition of gay marriage is somewhat in a high percentile. Also the lack of GLBT representation in his administration and the now irrelevant but once "spiritual leader" Jeremiah Wright. I can't help but worry, are they signs?

I find it disappointing that the DOMA/DOJ briefs coming out of his administration would still compare gay marriage to incestuous marriage and underage marriage. I don't understand what or who is the force in politics that is trying to ban gay marriage so vehemently and what exactly are the stakes. Is there a secret donor protecting gay marriage? Is the issue such a cash producing machine that they want to milk every last bit of it? Or if gay marriage has passed the American people would be bored enough to care about the real issues? The excuse right now is that the administration is still new and there are tons of problems to fix before gay marriage takes a priority but no one is yelling and screaming about health care reform or environment protection.

I'm sad that for a president who favors an open dialogue and likes to be on TV so much that he can't bring himself to commenting on gay issues. The gay community is desperately seeking a leader and answers but we're getting nothing. I'm especially dismayed when people are wishing him to be a little more George Bush and willing to make unpopular choices. We're tired of waiting. Even if there's any inkling of homophobia in Obama, I still wish that he can recognize the discrimination we're facing and put on his administrative hat to make the right decisions. Even if it's just a line saying things are at work will make us all feel so much better. If there are no special announcements in Pride month, I do hope they'd have done something by the upcoming March on Washington.

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