Getting Older With The Stars

>> Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Don't laugh but I've always thought that I could be a star, that is one of the things that I put in for what I wanted to be when I grow up but I guess I never recognize that it would actually happen. When I first found out that there are singers younger than me coming out and became a success, I felt old. That was my first sign of aging.

Now when I was researching about the singers that I used to listen to and still following there careers, I find out that they are really not that much older than me. but then again they are all in the middle aged category. I don't really know what to think about that. Of course, they are all so much more successful than I will ever be. I feel useless, have I passed my creative peak?

Bjork is 41, Tori Amos is 43, Madonna is 48, Janet Jackson and Sinead are both 40, even Gwen Stefani is now 37. Comparing to their achievements in life, I feel so small. Nowadays, I'm just in front of the computer all day not having anything to do. I'm so bored, I'm just pointlessly browsing the net. I have to admit that I have chosen the wrong career path for myself. Maybe just the wrong company, but I still feel like I'm very far away from my dream job. Oh, what am I to do?

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