Death and Taxes

>> Saturday, April 14, 2007

They say there's only two things in the world that won't change: death and taxes. While I have finished doing my taxes a long time ago and get a pretty nice sum of money back, I can't help but wonder about death sometimes. My grandma is past her 80s and since she does have a bunch of kids around, I do think that if the time comes when she passes, there will not be any problem on handling her funeral and such.

My aunts all have children, so I get they are pretty well off as well. My uncles is a different story, given they are all married now but one has a young child, one has a step child and one has a divorce. I wonder what would happen if any of them died.

I wonder what will happen if I died, being a gay man is not easy. Since my pseudo-partner will be going back to Argentina in a few month, I basically will be single again. I need to start looking for a partner that would last me til the end of my life. Maybe start a family by adopting some kids and the whole bang. If I remain single and spouse-less, who will take care of my funeral and all when I die? (Definitely cremated and have my ashes scattered somewhere fun and romantic. Maybe somewhere with sun and ocean waves.) If nothing else, that will be the whole reason to get a spouse and start a family. But what if my spouse passes on earlier than me? So, my primary qualification to be my boyfriend from now on is to be younger than me and healthier?

How vain life has become?

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