A Passive-Aggressive Letter To My Upstairs Neighbors

>> Saturday, April 21, 2007

Dear Neighbors,

I haven't been able to sleep much at night lately. It has been going on for weeks, but I just got around to express my feelings in this letter. I haev no clue on what career paths you both lead, so allow me to tell you that most of the population around the world goes to sleep before 4 in the morning. Me and my boyfriend for instance usually goes to sleep before midnight. I notice that you do not.

As another neighbor has told me before that we are living in an old building with very thin walls and I usually don't mind it that much; it is what I'm willing to pay for rent right now, so I understand that it couldn't be a perfect living environment. But it never cease to amaze me that you both could wake up around 8 while staying up so late. How do you do it? I always find it more ideal to sleep for at least 8 hours, sometimes even more on weekends.

One more thing, although it is not of my choosing, I can hear every word of your conversation clearly living beneath you. It's not that I want to intrude on your life, but I can hear the messages on your answering machine, the radio channel that you listen to when you are in the bathroom, your late night chatters and gossips, the movie that you are watching last week (was that Harry Potter?) and when you play video game (I have PS2, which console(s) do you have?)

Sometimes it got me thinking how close people are actually living with each other, it is so powerful that it shatters my own concept of individuality.

Have a nice day, I'm sure I'll hear about your day tonight.


Your Downstairs Neighbors.

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