April Snow

>> Monday, April 16, 2007

It's April 16th and it's snowing. The weather is really weird. I remember there was a Chinese myth that says if it snows in July, it means there were injustice somewhere. Someone must have been wrongfully accused, it says so in the show 'Judge Bao'. I wonder what happened if someone is wrongfully accused in any other month and how much snow would fall to show every single case of injustice.

I guess now the big industries and the republicans they have bought can tell you that there's no such thing as global warming. "It has been so cold this year, just the state of New York have had tons of snow." Well, the conspiracy theory would be that they bought tons of snow machine and start making snow in that region. Just kidding. But the new developed conscious of American people towards the environment has been really admirable. Now if they only can use action to back up their words. Start developing other energy sources for cars, not using oil or oil-added products. (Really, E-85 is bulls#!t)

I'm keen to have every households start using solar panels on their roof and start producing energy. I know there's is an upfront cost for installation and for the panels itself but the sun, the largest source of the cleanest, environmental-friendliest energy of all is left untapped. The government should definitely start a program loan money to people to do solar panel installation. But then they don't really care about that because their ties to oil and other energy companies are too big and there's no money to be made when people are self-sufficient. I used to have heard an expression - "The government is the parent of the people", when did they turn around and start scamming their own children? That's why I hate politics and politicians.

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