Golf Mentality

>> Monday, April 23, 2007

I was talking to ES on Friday about golf, strange topic, I know. I have never played golf before, I remember seeing a mini putting course in a park in Hong Kong with little bridges and archways, but I don't remember seeing people playing in there. She was telling me how her dad goes to play every now and then when they were in Tokyo and when she lived in Bangkok, she went to play as well. "The balls in Tokyo costs $20 for 5, but they costs $1 a bucket in Bangkok.", "The bagger lady always tell you which club to use."

Then we discuss why people like to play golf, which is quite an enigma for me. A bunch of rich white folks who got nothing to do but hitting a ball and walking aroung the grass field, it's one of the most boring thing you can watch on TV. ES says it's a social thing. People on the golf courses do business together and the entire environment is really friendly. "They never say anything bad to you even if you don't play well, they'll just say things like 'almost', 'you just missed by a bit' to encourage you." Really? They never yell out "You suck!" or "You should just go home and don't waste me time!"?

It got me thinking, if I wanted to be liked I should adapt the same attitude. Maybe that's what's wrong with me, I have been speaking the truth in a negative way; I have been too cautious and vengeful. If I adapt this golf mentality, this attitude and literally "turn my frown upside down", maybe I'll be happier myself. It couldn't be count as fake, I just have to choose a better tone to communicate. Or maybe it could drive me crazy trying to be cheerful and positive all the time. It sounds healthier to be cheerful though, doesn't it?

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