Henri David Halloween Ball 2010

>> Monday, November 01, 2010

This marked the third consecutive year that I've ever wore costume on Halloween, before that I didn't really celebrate it aside eating some candies or handing tons out one year because I didn't know how much I was expected to give out. Well, since I've actively dressed up for it, Halloween has become one of my favorite day of celebration.

Since I was introduced to Henri David Ball two years ago, it had become THE event for Halloween in Philadelphia. People attending the ball invest on their costumes and since we don't have a parade like LA, SF or NYC. The Henri David Ball is pretty much it for us and I, for one, am glad to have it around. The strange thing about it is that Henri David is the owner of a Jewelry shop in town called Halloween and he does not do any form of advertising, his business depends on his reputation and word of mouth, and apparently so does the Halloween party. I have to go to the Jewelry store for information, so I can post online to tell the others. Til this day, the store doesn't have a single computer, website or email address. 21st Century much? Anyhow, once I got the information, I posted the event on Facebook, a local gay website and Yelp. I think I should get a cut of the proceed, no?

The event itself is entertaining, we always managed to have a good time and get elated by the creativity of others even though I lack the tenacity to stay until 2am watching all the competitions and performance. Though I always manage to take pictures and share:

This is my look for this year. I can't exactly tell you what it is but it is inspired by Kabuki Noh theater and Oni. The outfit is something that a blue collar Japanese vendor would wear. I was surprised that one person knows that I'm an Oni and a few people yelled Kabuki, so I'm relief that it wasn't too out there. A lot of folks liked the hair and the face paint. Next to me of course is DC's Black Cat, one of my favorite DC characters of all time.

The boyfriend this year opted to wear a Bavarian costume and as Nina and Michael Kors would say, he's very "On Trend". Not only did we see lots of Bavarian looks, of all the lederhosen costumes we've seen 3 others wearing the exact one as he did. Of course, my boyfriend looks the cutest.

The two of us formed the Axis pre-WWII and it seems like another couple had a similar wavelength but did it in a flashier, shinier version. Pretty gorgeous, I've to say:

Other than lederhosens being popular, I noticed a lot of Alices and Madhatters, superheroes, robots and people with their dick out. Despite my assumption, there's not really that many Lady Gaga and there was no meat dress, there was also no Christine O'Donnell witches. There's also a few Na'vis around:

There are quite a few witty people who's up on recent events:

The Henri David Halloween Ball is very drag heavy:

I put the rest in this Flickr album but here are the other good ones:

We also managed to take a picture with Governor Ed Rendell and the Democratic candidate who's running for the very same position Dan Onorato who came to be contest judges. Not really into politicians but whatever.

364 Days before the next Halloween...

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