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>> Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tea Party candidate and sore loser Joe Miller is trying to sue the state of Alaska for counting Lisa Murkowski's misspelled votes. Since Lisa Murkowski lost in the Republican primary election, she campaigned to be a write in candidate where while she's not on the ballot, people can still write her name on the ballot to elect her and as a result she won at 43% while Joe Miller lost by 7%.

While Murkowski is not the easiest name to spell, to reverse the decision will require about 13,500 misspelled votes which Lisa Murkowski had took the precautions of handing out handbands with her name on it, spelling bee contest and various commercial and sign to assure the locals spell it the right way. It's also worth noting that her father was a former governor preceding Palin, so people should really know the name.

But the focus is Joe Miller's attitude on this is that by hook or by crook, he wants to be the one in charge. He doesn't really care what the voters want, as if a vote for "Merkowski" or "Murcowski" does not state the voter's intention clear enough. Miller is going to pull a fast one just like Bush and his lawyers did during the Florida recount in 2000. It stays true to Sharron Angle's sentiment about when things don't go their way, they will try any remedies.

On another Alaskan teabagger news, apparently the long awaited TLC Sarah Palin show is going to be on air soon.

Not that I'll watch it, I can barely stand the promo but I find it plenty ridiculous. A governor resigned because she got more profitable offers for being a mouth piece on a right-wing news station, writing books and being the star of a reality show. All of this would be okay if she is not running for presidency or if she's being honest and factual but she is neither because she is not smart enough.

My fear is that she will be humanized and seem relatable to the average American voter. From the fact that Bristol Palin is still competing in Dancing With The Star, it tells you that they do have a tremendous amount of supporters. This new show is just going to be a political tool for Mama Grizzly there to spew her nonsensical wisdom written by Fox News propagandists to recruit a new base for her. That combine with dancing Bristol, Levy who's running for Mayor on a Republican ticket no doubt and perhaps a crawling baby or two, we've got a perfect little family.

I'm swearing off TLC. It used to stand for The Learning Channel but between this and (Jon &) Kate Plus 8, what are we exactly learning from them? That any dumb fuck/whack job can be for governor or president? That you can say any stupid thing you want without consequences as long as you're louder than your critics?


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