The Flip-Flopitty-Flopetting of The McCains

>> Tuesday, November 16, 2010

To say that Senator McCain doesn't care about gay rights is an understatement. Not only does John McCain doesn't care about gay rights, it seems that he will do anything to be in the way of progress. He wanted top military general to come out and state their point of views on DADT and when a few of them came out and say it wouldn't be a big deal to have openly gay soldiers serving, he opt for a study. And when the study show sign that the soldiers supported repealing DADT. He says the first one didn't asked the right questions, clearly when things don't go his way, he will say and do anything to discredit it. What question should be asked? "If an AIDS ridden homosexual wiggles his butt in front of you in close quarters, do you think it will affect morale?"

Senator McCain is very invested in the issue for some reason and he's doing all he can to filibuster and block DADT from being repealed which is very suspicious since he won't be serving in the military again in the near future.

Seen here twisting the facts about how Major Mike Almy was booted out of the armed services after the government snooped into his private emails. So what could McCain possibly gain from lying and being on the wrong side of history? Is he receiving a huge of private donations from right-wing homophobes for being the spokesman of their crowd or is it his own military pride and homophobia talking?

And then what's this?

A closeted man overcompensating by marrying a much younger Cindy McCain and texting random guidette old enough to be his granddaughter?

While Cindy McCain surprisingly come out in support of the NoH8 Campaign and desperately holding onto it like it's her only claim to fame, she also stands by her husband's stance on DADT like she's some kind of gay rights authority.

So gay shouldn't serve in the military but "no hate"! It's like people who hate gays but loved to watch "Will and Grace". But then who really cares what Cindy McCain thinks? We know her because she married John McCain, not because she's a great American thinker or social commentator. But then what do you do when you found out that you've married a bigot?

With people like John McCain raising his personal requirements on the repealing of DADT at will, we can see why activist group GetEQUAL is upping the ante and chaining themselves to the White House again. The truth is though, there's no pleasing McCain and others; top officials came out and they did not persuade him, nor would the survey findings or the hearings about the study (or another study or a study about the study). McCain lost the last election and he will do anything to discredit any progress happening under Obama or make himself heard as much as possible over the most trivial things. McCain is clearly unreasonable and Dan Choi should just give up.


Here's a better version from Rachel Maddow:

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