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>> Friday, November 12, 2010

During "Ally Week", three students at St. Charles North High School wore "Straight Pride" t-shirts with a little excerpt on their backs quoting a bible verse from Leviticus: “If a man lay with a male as those who lay with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination and shall surely be put to DEATH." This, of course, transpired an outrage from fellow students because of its plain offensiveness. But even though the school have a rule about how students should not disrupt the educational process or interfere with a positive learning and teaching environment through clothing, they have not disciplined the boys probably due to their first amendment rights and the legal implications.

It is true even bigoted imbeciles have rights. Although not clothing items are equal.

Coy Sheppard, a soccer player from Mendenhall High School Mississippi has been kicked off his high school soccer team last month because he showed up in a match wearing pink cleats which he was later ridiculed by his coach and when he showed up at practice wearing those pink cleats again, his coach threw him off the team. Since Coy needs the credit, being kicked off the team might mean him not being able to graduate.

It turns out those pink cleats are given by his 82 year-old grandmother who was a breast cancer survivor and the cleats are supposed to be a token to raise breast cancer awareness during Breast Cancer Awareness Month like all the NFL players were doing. Americans are overtly sensitive on what can be construed are homosexual behavior. Coy is suing the school and he planned to donate any judgment to the American Cancer Society but before he could do that the school had already sat him down and agreed to put him back on the team and apparently the coach hugged him out.

So as long as you dress in gender-specific colors, you'd be ok.

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