Ultimate Sleeved Blanket Battle

>> Thursday, December 10, 2009

via Gizmodo

We all laughed at the commercials as if anyone would buy a backward bathrobe made out of fleece, make the wearer all goofy cultish, like radioactive Mister Burns wandering in the woods. But then, people started buying them for X'mas sending it out as gag gifts. Haha, funny, you look like a dope. While the guy who "invented" it has sold 4 million of them as of February of this year and became a multi-millionaire, and made him gain the audacity to come up with the goofier product - Snuggies for Dogs. Seriously.

I had no idea how popular they were until I saw others imitation brands selling at home good stores. With so many variations, which one should you choose to give your loved ones for X'mas? Jason Chen at Gizmodo has compare and contrasted five different options and these are his takes?

Snuggie ($15)

According to Jason, nobody should ever buy one of these. Good to know, cos' if I were to buy one I would see it as a standard name brand. Jason further explain that it's made of very flimsy material, it's almost like wearing a hospital gown. Not long enough, plus it generates a lot of static. So it's a NO on the Snuggie.

Freedom Blanket ($30)

It's thicker and more comfortable than Snuggie. The store bought version is around 6 feet which is slightly longer than Snuggie, but might not be long enough for taller people. Still generates static like Snuggie.

Slanket ($38)

Most expensive of the major 3 and measuring 95 inches long, almost 8 feet. Made of soft and thick microfibers. Long sleeves, comes in 11 colors with a little less static shock.

Robe ($45~$110)

You might already have one. Usually no static electricity and comfortable, though it'd look a little odd wearing it backwards. Not long enough to cover your hands or feet.

Blankoat ($330)

It's a 10-feet long blanket made of Icelandic sheep wool. It's $330 and wool can be itchy!!! You might as well pay to turn up the heat or buy a full length blanket and be creative with s a few clothes pin.

To be honest, I do like wearing a robe in my apartment. It makes it less shocking to seat on my leather chair on a cold day. On some days I even wish that the rope can be longer to better cover up my legs so I might as well get a long Slanket, but still, I could huddle my blanket if I need to so what's the point? But if you see a need to get one, remember that Slanket is the one!

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