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>> Monday, December 14, 2009

This weekend was a little action packed for me, Thursday was spent with 2 female friends walking and shopping around New York City. Somehow I have assumed the role of being a tour guide for friends and their relatives whenever someone goes to NYC for the first time. I won't complaint, much. Though on Thursday the weather was bitterly freezing cold with the high in the low 30s and strong gusty winds. I have to say that men and women have very different shopping style, we practically stopped in every stores to browse, on top of that the men's department in stores had shrunk and give ways to more female clothings, it's an epidemic really. Very soon, men will resolved to shop for everything online. By the way, is this the year for solid colored and argyle sweaters? What happened to all the other designs? After rubbing on the bronze bull near Wall Street, we happened to pass by their tree lighting ceremony on right when they were doing the countdown which was nice and left just before Billy Ray Cyrus was going to sing his new song and at Rockerfeller Plaza someone was proposal to his fiancee on the skating rink which she accepted and the crowd cheered. It was strange luck, but the cynic in me thought there's probably a marriage proposing schedule somewhere and it probably happen once every hour during X'mas time.

At night we went to have a Japanese seafood buffet that I often frequent if I'm ever in New York for dinner, incidentally they were playing Michale Jackson's Heal The World on repeat, I thought it might be their tactics to lower their customers appetite by reminding them about the less fortunate ones in other countries. We almost missed the last bus back to Philly which is at 11:00 pm at night.

Since I have 3 parties on Saturday and could only attend 2, I spent part of Friday with the Straizians teaching them how to make a tiramisu for a party that I couldn't attend. Apparently, they really like the tiramisu I made sometimes last year and wanted to have it again even if I can't be there. It was quite a simple dessert to make, though since it's reserved for the party, I didn't get to taste it and see how it came out but how bad could it be, right?

Saturday morning, the boyfriend and I scrambled to put the White Christmas Chocolate Tree together. We have to use the full refrigerator at his place and he was a great help. It was hard to temper the chocolate and I did a pretty poor job with the icing, but I think it did come out as the show piece I've expected. When I was carrying it out on the street, I got quite a few stares and comments (mostly mumbles).

After seeing some friends and a gift exchange game in the first gaysian party that yielded us some candles and soaps, we left for the burbs to another party where 100+ gay men attended. I have to admit that even I've made the white chocolate tree myself, I had no idea how to eat it, after all It's just a glorified chunk of chocolate. As for me, I didn't exactly make it for the taste, it was a show piece that I wanted to challenge myself to make and I wouldn't care if nobody eats it. But when someone was interested to try I went and picked up a sharp knife and gave it to the first guest brave enough to attempt on hacking it. A few other guests took turn stabbing that big loaf and it sorta turn out to be a party game of sorts. I spent some time helping the host in the kitchen ad grill some meat, had a few Bailey's on ice, met some people, had a decently nice time.

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