NY's Loss

>> Thursday, December 03, 2009

I guess by now everyone has heard that the NY Marriage Equality vote has gone south. If the most progressive states rejects gay marriage, I doubt that the rest of the country would jump on the boat. Despite the good will from GLBT friends and equal right groups alike and their encourage words saying that it was a good effort and it's time to regroup and learn from it, what I've learned seems to be that you can't put the rights of a minority group up to a vote. If it's up to others to decide your rights, it will never go the way you want. The truth is we lost, in one of the most liberal state in the country, and bombarding those naysaying politicians is very unlikely to make them change their minds.

Excuse me for repeating myself but if one thing I've learned about US politicians and politics is that there is nothing to be gained by solving a problem. Most of it is turned into an extended argument, so both sides can use resources to sway the politicians to go either way. The problem will be dragged as long as possible so the investment on their decisions are maximized, and even an issue was voted on, the decision can still be reversed so another cycle of bidding and swaying can start again. When everything can be bought, it is capitalism in its worst. I'd like to stand up and fight with my peers, but I am most discouraged by the futility. Call me a cynic, but I don't think GLBT equality will be seen in my lifetime.

Maybe a nationwide commercial is needed to denounce all the rumors of homosexuality. We are not all child molesters, we are diverse and we contribute to the community as a whole. We are people who are looking for equal protection and rights. It's not even possible for heterosexual marriage to be destroyed by gay marriage, and if they start quoting Leviticus, be prepare to have their disobedient children and adulterer stoned, penises circumsized and pork chops eliminated. I think education is the key, too bad young liberals are not prone to become politicians while old conservatives are. It will be a few generations down before true equality will be achieved.

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