That GaGa Is Everywhere

>> Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Maybe there wasn't any fierce divas coming out in a long while and when someone as peculiar as Lady GaGa pop up in the pop scene, everyone is onto her. Just on this little website, her name had already been mentioned several times. I'm surprised that more people didn't dressed up as her in the past Halloween but then she wear everything once and only once, so I guess it's hard to capture a specific look and I guess that's one of her draws.

A few Facebook friends had surrendered with posts like "I didn't think I like Lady GaGa, but..." and even though her music is shallow and nothing too unusual, it's still very catchy and her decision to side with the gays openly makes me like her just that much more. However, I wonder if she's over-exposed. Tons and tons of parodies and cover videos had popped up and every sites you click, you can see something relevant to Lady GaGa.

Here are a few I've seen just this week:

The Good

Just to show how similar each and every of her song is... a medley!

The Bad

Really, really bad!

The Funny

The Ugly

Right outside of a club that The Boyfriend and I frequent. Good thing we weren't anywhere near the vicinity of this mess.

Three of the four videos feature Asian singers, and god knows how many gays. I guess I'm right in the demographics. It also happens to be the go-to music of my downstairs neighbor, playing it in all hours on full bass, shaking up my walls and plates. I'm glad the queen wasn't frightened when they met, although I think her majesty has perfected the skill to force out a smile.

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