Gross Asian Food Concepts

>> Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Following the gross theme, we have 3 YouTube video from a channel called Diagonal View from the United Kingdom, who either bought a bunch of popular stories and redone them professionally or maybe they do go around the world collecting odd news. Anyhow, they video vault is full of Ripley's Believe It or Not types, worth checking out.

Anyhow, these 3 vids are all strange Asian food practices that's quite out there. We've seen square watermelons before. They are kept in metal boxes during its growth so when they grow up they come out square, so they can be equally divided and easily stored. But look at this Chinese guy trying to shape pears into Buddhas.

Make a regular pear into a Buddha shape and charge people 10 times the price. Even it's a gimmick, people will still buy them. I imagine this business will go well in South America, where people really want to see Jesus and Mary on everything. My question is: "Won't you go to hell for biting into Buddha/Jesus?"

Here's another one:

I like noodles, especially noodle soup. The slurping is the funnest part, so this idea didn't seem so outlandish to me. That is, before I started considering the hygiene part. No, you wouldn't want to bathe in a hot bowl of noodle soup and then eating its content, especially not when Little Bobby and Jane is swimming alongside with you doing you-know-what. Just say I have serious trust issues. But considering what goes in an actual bowl of noodle soup, you can't kill enough chickens and pigs to yield enough bones to make broth. This is but a fantasy, the broth is only coloring and smells, it's not even real broth and the noodles are only synthetics to make the bathers feels like they are in a bowl of soup. It's not real.

I find this to be the grossest:

There's a strange fascination going on between Japanese/Taiwanese and poop. I have no idea why anyone would think that poop is cute. It's not cute! And to have the nerve to open up a toilet themes restaurant? It boggles my mind that Modern Toilet was so popular that they now opened up 13 locations in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Drink from a urinal-shaped cup and eat in a toilet shaped bowl. To make it worst, serve brown diarrhea looking chili or poop shaped chocolate ice cream. Why would anyone in their right mind still go and get disgusted by the food, is this a new appetite-losing diet scheme?

I'm convinced that my people had lost some screws.

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