The Bore-ification of Menswear

>> Thursday, December 17, 2009

Not that I'm a fashionista, I barely get any new clothes unless they serve a function that my wardrobe lacks or I'm replacing a worn out item. But going out window-shopping in New York and the nearby mega mall has made me very disappointed on the selections out there.

The boyfriend was looking for a new sweater, so it got me paying attention in what selection there is for winter 09' and thus far all I've seen is either solid sweaters or argyles, other than that it's a sea of plaid and flannel shirts.

Abercrombie & Fitch

Banana Republic

Brooks Brothers

Macy's Club Room


Old Navy


I am a fan of all three items, but it does seem a little excess when they are all there is out there. While the mens department is shrinking and shrinking, the men's department of the H&M in NYC is 7 times smaller than the women's department, does the product have to be so much alike? And while very versatile, why must every single clothing store carry a plain sweater? What is the difference between one and another other than the logo?

I understand that men, especially here in US are not known to be shoppers and the designs and colors are based on the words of trend-forecasters, but if every single company are doing the same thing, our choices are limited to just these few styles. While I love the convenience of shopping online, I do like to touch my clothing and maybe even trying them on before I buy. Add least add some pockets or some funky shoulder details. A suede lining or something. I feel frustrated walking in another store and feel the eerie Deja Vu like I've seen everything already. It's like a uniform. Don't be so boring!

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