Best X'Mas Song of 2009 (and 2000): I Wish It Was Christmas Today

>> Thursday, December 24, 2009

Julian Casablancas of The Strokes covering Jimmy Fallon's I Wish It Was Christmas Today. I adored the original with Jimmy, Horatio, Tracy Morgan and Chris Kattan but this one has The Roots playing the music... The Roots! I still don't get how Jimmy Fallon can be so lucky, each guest on his show has the entrance music specifically tailored and designed by The Roots.

Other than the aforementioned songs, I'm still a bit mesmerized by the multi-holiday cheerleading Gap commercials and apparently I'm not the only one. There's this and this:

How cute are these boots? How cute are these boots... it's gonna rot my brains

Somehow Elvis-y Tom Jones' It's Not Unusual also sipped into my brain. Not really a Christmas song so it IS a little unusual.

I wonder why and how, must have been featured in a holiday movie like Love, Actually or something, I also recall Aiden in Sex and the City sung a few bars of it. Though when I really listen to the song, it made me think about what Whitney Houston said about I Will Always Love You, the melody is too cheerful for the lyrics. It's Not Unusual is about a jealous lover being quite upset about his love interest seeing other man but the big band music sounds way too cheery. Unusual?

Anyhow, I'm staying over at my friend's tonight prepping food and playing mahjong. Then cooking pretty much the whole day tomorrow. So I'm here wishing you all a great, great, merry christmas! Have as much fun as you can crammed in in one night!

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