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>> Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Beyonce and Lady Gaga had got together and produced two songs: Telephone and Video Phone, it's a bit strange and confusing. No doubt, they are getting ready for a commercial campaign for a cell phone service provider or a brand of cell phone, I'm not sure which one but I'm very convinced. A friend asked me lately why U.S. haven't utilized cellphone that has a camera so you can call someone and look at their faces while you talk like they do in Asia, I wonder if this will be the campaign song to introduce such commodity.

This is Beyonce ft. Lady Gaga's Video Phone

Excuse me but I always thought that while Lady Gaga is quite unique, I never thought that she is a looker, but she didn't look too bad in this video even though Beyonce took up 80% of amera time. The Vargas look for Beyonce made her skin look very light, I'm a bit surprised with the good make up. The song itself is good for a commercial perhaps, not anything exceptional and a bit too much moaning. I guess strippers will pick it up for their act easily. A parody is already out to make fun of it.

THIS... is Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce's Telephone

Not the official music video, it's not released yet. But it's also fit for a commercial. It's a little catchy gay dance floor music and there's already a remix out just for that purpose. Our people works fast. The song sounds better than Bad Romance, although repeat anything 10 times and I'll start to like it.

It gets me thinking that there are quite a few songs about telephone calls that I like. Like this classic by Blondie:

Macy Gray's Why Don't You Call Me Again seen here sung by a cute Japanese cover band called こ~P & Family Stone. I used to sing this song a whole lot in the privacy of my own shower.

Hong Kong songstress Faye Wong also have a couple song about phone calls but I do like this answering machine song the best. It was written after she divorced her husband of 4 years.

After The Beep

Leave a message, please leave a message
Please sigh after the long tone
Leave a message, please leave a message
Please cry after my voice ends

I'm not here, I'm not there
Please leave your secrets after the beep
Please bemuse yourself into the receiver after the beep
Please sigh into the air after the beep

I'm not here, where could I be? where do I want to be?
Please leave an interesting topic after the beep
Please share your emotional problems after the beep
Please don't mention that person's name after the beep

(The person you're looking for doesn't want to be found by anyone)
The person you're looking for is amusing herself
(I'm sorry, the one you're looking for isn't here, it's too late to say anything)
The person you're looking for doesn't need brothers or sisters
(You're looking for me but I'm of no concern, it's already too late)
The person you're looking for is also looking for herself
(Who wants to play a game of find the missing person with me?)

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