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>> Friday, February 13, 2009

Since my friend Cubxotic and Joe.My.God had mentioned this blog, I thought it'd be worth posting here to share. This Is Why You're Fat is a blog where people can post pictures of "deliciously gross food" and it's very entertaining to see all these innovative food that seems to contribute to the obesity problem of America. I wonder if looking at these pictures makes people of the less fortunate countries hate us more. It's pornographic.

Take this more instance:

The 12 bird true love roast... Contains 12 different kinds of bird: large turkey filled with goose, chicken, pheasant, aylesbury and barbary duck, poussin and guinea fowl, partridge, pigeon squab, quail and mallard duck. Breast meat from 48 different birds + 8 types of stuffing.

Apparently there's 5 golden rings in it somewhere as well. Is it really necessary to take 48 lives and put them all in a roast. How do you differentiate what is what, or maybe it doesn't matter any more, we're just eating numbers and excess here.

I submit that even the most cock-hungry porn star with the widest throat couldn't down this thing. It's just for show, I'm sure.

I don't know if I've told you guys that I've been on a low carb diet for almost a month now. But boy am I tempted to take a bit of this French-Fry Encased Hot Dog On A Stick. It's a meal on its own. Mmm... French Fries, mmm... hot dog, mmm... stick.

Almost as impressive is this Kitchen Sink Ice Cream Sundae, I think it'll take 15~20 people to finish the whole thing. I'm surprised that anyone would order it, unless you desperately need to renovate your kitchen and you can take the sink home afterwards. Is there a nozzle somewhere down to pour the melted ice cream out so you can have milkshake?

Other than the above mindboggling food oddities, there are also a giant Kit-Kat bar the size of 2 babies, a 120 ounce steak, a bacon cheeseburger that uses glazed donuts for buns, a cheeseburger the size of a microwave and the aforementioned Bacon Explosion.

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