MadTV Cancelled?

>> Saturday, February 14, 2009

I wasn't aware of this but apparently after 14 seasons, MadTV had been canceled because of the production cost is too much for Fox to bear. The show had been canceled since the end of October and they are talking about moving the show to a different network, possibly a cable channel.

It's sad really, I have been sitting by the TV faithfully every Saturday night wondering why it's moved to a later time slot and why SNL had come back but not MadTV. It's a bit sad since I like the show a lot and I find it a lot funnier than Saturday Night Live. But it shed a light onto why both SNL and MadTV constantly changes its casts. It's refreshing to see young people, even though some of them don't seem to be ready for the spotlight yet but then they are cheaper.

Here's some clips from my favorite MadTV alumni - Debra Wilson (no, not Bobby Lee):

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