The Memory Book

>> Friday, February 20, 2009

It was 5 in the morning and I was still awake, so I reached out to a box below my nightstand where I keep a few things and pulled out the little notebook, we call it the memory book. It's like your high school year book. Right before we graduated from high school, we each bought a notebook and passed it around for people to sign and write in.

It's full of fond memories, they reminded me how we used to chase each other down the hallway for fights (fake fights), throwing parties and go camping, renting houses in the islands for the weekend. While everyone our same age was busy studying, we had FUN. That's probably why we all did kinda bad in the public exam.

Along with the standard forget-me-nots and the good wishes, we became each other's critics, describing what's so great about each other and what is there to improve. I'm proud to have been described by everyone that I'm a good guy, a straight shooter and always with a smile on my face. For the criticism, they wrote that I'm at times silly, acting like a kid, acting with too much on principals and that I don't care to masquerade my feelings. I guess I have offended people by being too blunt at times, the worst of it all is that if someone get on my bad side, I don't have the ability to forgive. I think I haven't changed a bit at all.

Maybe my smile is not as bright as before from the wears and tears of the years, but everything else is very to the point. It warms my heart to know that there are people who knows me so well, but then my not changing could mean that I've not learned anything through the years. I'm still stubborn as ever.

It's good to be reminded of who I am, it gives me a chance to reclaim my spirits. It lets me know that I am loved and wanted. It's a good feeling.

After reading some entries, I sent out an email to my friends and tell them how much I missed them and how much I wish that we can get together again, maybe rent a house in the island for a weekend and hang. Although some of them got married and have kids and things might never be the same. But a few hours later, I got a few emails from them saying how much they've missed me as well. They have just got together a few days ago helping one of us prepare for a wedding. Old pictures were brought out and they all laughed on how stupid our old haircuts were.

I'm glad I have these friends and although I'm so far away, and we're all getting on with our busy lives, we have the same history and we have the same knowing. Whatever might happen, but we've got each other's back.

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