Oscar Redux

>> Monday, February 23, 2009

Foiled again!

A local video store had a contest to guess the winners of each Oscar categories and I thought I'd used the "leaked" winner list to win myself a DVD player or a bunch of free rentals. The free rentals would be sweet, since I just got back in the habit of renting DVDs. It's almost $5 a pop now. But the "leaked" winners turned out to be a bust, not that I've even entered the contest. So... meh...

I woke up from my nap in time to watch Barbara Walters' interviews on ABC, and was quite horrified to see Hugh Jackman giving her a lapdance.

This year's Oscar is quite good. I didn't enjoy the cheesy musical numbers much, but the presenters and the method that they give mini-tributes to the actor and actress nominees are quite enjoyable. Milk won two awards, in which both winners said something for equal rights in their acceptance speech. Slumdog Millionaire took home 8 awards, which is a good thing only because I've seen it. Though my self-loathing Asian side would complain why all the Asian winners on stage last night can't be more eloquent but say the stereotypical "I, very, happy!". Aye!

It was a great show, better than anything else on TV for sure.

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