Personality Crash

>> Monday, August 06, 2007

Met up with someone I found online Saturday for coffee because we were both free and got bored. I don't know why but they never look like how they looked in their pictures. We get to talking about family and work situations. I felt like I got bombarded with one question after another, it was like an interview or seeing a therapist although I've never been to a therapist before but I imagine that's how it would be like. Frankly, I'm not used to all the attention.

But, I've rarely met someone as sociable as this guy before. Maybe it was just me keep it to myself for too long. He's definitely not my type and was really touchy-feely kinda guy and I've never had the venue where I would go on and on about myself. It was just so different in a very awkward kinda way.

Two people, one thinks small talks does not accomplish; the other thinks that everybody needs an outlet to express themselves. Neither of them is right or wrong. It's just different personalities.

A blogger posted this test and I took it as well and this is the result for me:

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