A Strange Request

>> Friday, August 24, 2007

Of all the strange things Principe bought for his return to Argentina, he asked me to look for a metal detector for him. Huh? Metal detector? i'm not talking about the airport security kind where they used it to scan your body, I'm talking about the kind where the white dudes use to scan for buried treasures on the beach or something.

I find them completely useless and reluctantly did my research for him on ebay. They costs approximately $300 and they occupy a lot of space in his luggage, not to mention it might get interpreted as a bomb and they might think he's a terrorist and haul him to Guantanamo, where he'll be spending the rest of his sorry life.

I thought by telling him the price and my reasonings against getting one of these useless piece of crap would deter him eagerness of getting one, but he was more than convinced that it would be tremendously beneficial to him, since there was a war and "a lot of people buried their gold during the war". Aye, I didn't realized that he was that "naive". I guess the metal detector is his reitrement plan, but still I will tell him that they won't ship it out on time.

Nine days until he'll depart from my life. It's down to the single digit, folks. I keep thinking he'll be out of my life for good, but technology is so advanced, he could call me or email me or video cam me. I keep wondering if it's better to have a clean cut and forget him or keep in touch with him.

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