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>> Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Went on a mini-vaca with Principe to the glorious polluted shore of New Jersey, Atlantic City to be precise. It was his birthday, other than getting him a cake and sing "Happy Birthday" in Spanish, I thought "What better way to celebrate his last birthday/week with me?"

It's getting harder and harder when I'm counting my last days. Feel like maybe I wouldn't/couldn't feel this much in love anymore after he's gone. We packed 5 different set of clothes each for a two days trip and didn't even get to you most of them. Funny.

We got a wonderful suite at the Taj, went to have a mediocre buffet lunch, and then a marvelous dinner at Buddakan. But Principe managed to get food poinsoned along the way and got shivers all night. I was worried sick. Didn't know what to do since we are in a foreign town and Principe don't have any insurance and he was trembling the whole night through. Thank god he felt better after taking some advils and rested for a while. For a second, I pondered what will happen if he dies.

So we didn't get the chance to swim, with him not felling well. Although he grew quite fond of the slot machines and so I went for my Black Jack tables. Let's say neither of us did well. So we didn't had such a great time at all and we were both glad when we got home. But to end with a high note. He was really happy to have taken a lot of pictures, I was really happy to be able to spend some time with him, I meant ot splurge on him anyway, so to lose a few in the casino wasn't that bad.

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