The Discovery of Bit Torrent

>> Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I feel quite ashamed since I am the IT manager of an organization, you would think that I should be current with all the latest technologies. But no, the lack of growing opportunities in this company has rendered me useless.

Of course I have heard of BitTorrent before, but I have never had any use for it until this week, when I realized that a whole new season of "Weeds" has commenced and somehow 4 episodes has leaked online (by the producers?). So I got the program and found a site where it is available, downloaded them and watched them. It is not even shown on Showtime yet. I got to watch all of them at once, it was heaven, I love that show so much!!!

I guess part of why I'm such a late followers for things is because the first followers are usually alpha or beta-testers in which they usually will encounter bugs that would ruined everything. One of the thing that I want to get into and existed for a long long time is World of Warcraft. Went to their websites and read a bit about the game and found it quite complicated. But I know this is the kind of game that I can lose my head with, it'll be perfect to get into after Principe has left. It'll get my mind off the separation.

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