>> Thursday, August 09, 2007

Every few years after I have nestled into a new city and felt comfortable, I start to feel stale and tired and I think to myself: "Maybe it's time to go somewhere else."

That's how I'm feeling now. I talked about maybe moving to the Bay Area just as Baz Luhrmann had suggested. It'll be closer to people I know, and I would probably become a double majority. But I don't know if I'll feel that different in San Francisco, it's still America. Maybe I'll feel better about the next president, and the entire country would change to a more "civil" and "considerate" direction. But why not entertain myself with the thought of living in... Australia?

Chatted with a couple of net friends, and Australia seems to come up in conversation a lot. One guy who lives in that country told me that Sydney has one of the world's top living quality. DC once told me that his brother is in Australia and got to be a citizen just because he was a student and they get money from the government just for having a baby. And the more you make the more taxes you pay, so people are not they eager to work, which makes for a lot of time for them to go to the beach and surf. I'm no surfer, but it does sounds tempting to have a lot of free time to cruise about. I'll be a lot closer to Hong Kong.

I'd like to venture and see if that is entirely possible. I know I chose a bad time to think about this, after all, I'm in a process of applying for my green card and if all goes well, it'll be approved within six months. Do I really want to go through the whole thing with Australia? Given, it'll be a lot easier there. And I'm oh so afraid of snakes and Australia has the most number of poisonous snake in the world. But I bet bottom dollar that they don't show up in the cities. (I shudder just thinking about it) I'd say more research is needed.

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