3 Years

>> Monday, August 13, 2007

I've just got a notice which stating my green card application has went through. I'm excited about the news but at the same time I'm feeling very depressed that Principe is going to leave me within 3 weeks' time. I don't feel like doing much anymore, I just wanna rush home right after work, thinking to myself, if I can see Prinicpe's face just a minute more, it would have been better. It's quite sad, really.

In the process of thinking about my future, I've decided to give myself 3 years to wokr in the U.S. to save money and accumulated approximately 25 to 30 thousand dollars. Afterwards, I will try and apply to immigrate to Australia. That country seems to care more about their people, more social security, less prejudice and the weather seems to be pleasant all year round. I'm thinking more about Sydney, where there's a big Asian and Gay community, the golden coast is nearby and it's so close to Hong Kong.

The only thing is TV. I don't know if I can get used to all the new channels and program. I am addicted to American TV. Anyway, this is my plan right now.

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