Movie Review: Harry Potter and the Order of Pheonix

>> Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Well, let me disclose my crime to you. I enjoy going to the suburban multiplex, pay for one ticket, watch it and then sneaking to another movie, my own do-it-yourself-buy-one-get-one-free scheme. I know a lot of people do it too, but I enjoy the guilty feeling and excitement that associate with it. It satisfies the kleptomaniac in me. Judge me if you want, I don't care. How else can you justify paying $15 for a medium popcorn and a medium soda?

So along with the Simpsons, I watched Harry Potter; Another franchise that is red hot right now with its last installment of the book being released causing quite a stir. I haven't been reading the books so my concept of the development of the storyline is a little vague. It seems that the story has departed from the world of academy and quidditch and into a much darker, scarier plot.

Much like in the Simpsons, the government plays the villain of this episode as the prime minister of magic thinks that the comeback of Lord Voldemort is a fabrication from Dumbledore as an excuse for him to gain control of the magic world. A new administrator has been sent to the school in the form of a seemingly nice but vicious auntie which coincide my image for a right-wing extreme bible thumper. Dealing with death and visions of Voldemort's crime, Harry trains a new group of students to fight back.

It doesn't seem to be a children's novel anymore. It deals with death, loss, evil, cruelty and revenge. Not everything in the real world is just and you can't trust people especially if they are in power. Of course it's ture and every grown up knows that but it's just sad to be reminded. It is also as upset to have a government so corrupted and false to affect so many screenwriters to write anti-government messages into movies. Isn't it enough that they are screwing up our environment in general? Do I have to be reminded of them when all I want is to watch a movie to relax and be entertained? Anyway, the special effects are great, the movie is nice, but not outstanding. C+

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